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A Personalized Way To Improve Your Hair


Hi, I'm Sydney A. Your Digital Hair Coach,

I teach women with textured hair how to boost their length retention using healthy-heat styling, and extensions. I have over 10 years of experience working with clients hands-on, and I am packaging up everything I know to help you meet your hair goals right from home! The days of trying endless amounts of product, and hopelessly chair hopping are over. Let's take the guess work out of your hair restoration journey!

I launched the Virtual Consulting Program In 2019 to make my services more accessible to those who were unable to make it in to the salon. Since then, I have assisted dozens of women around the world in composing hair regimens centered around the principles that I have based my techniques around. If you are in need of specified advice for your Hair Restoration Journey, this service may be an option for you.

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